BSA/AML Top Gun Conference
March 3 - 4, 2020
*Because we endeavor to offer the most timely and relevant topics, the agenda posted here is subject to change. If any changes are made, this page will be updated to reflect the modifications.

Here is a look at some of the sessions we covered last year:
    What Happened Since Last Year?
    A high level overview of BSA/AML developments from the last twelve months. We'll provide a fast-paced look at enforcement actions, new guidance, exceptive relief, any rule changes, exam manual updates, and AML matters in the news.

    Remarks from FinCEN
    Hear directly from FinCEN what the hot buttons and new initiatives are, with insight into trends in SAR filings and what you need to know now.

    Beyond Beneficial Ownership: The CDD & EDD Fifth Pillar
    Although beneficial ownership has grabbed the headlines in 2018, the fifth pillar has three other requirements that we cannot overlook. We dissect the requirements and discuss evolving expectations and proactive steps to take to ensure compliance with all of the fifth pillar requirements.

    Suspicious Activity Monitoring across Business Lines
    When business lines outside of the BSA Department are responsible for aspects of monitoring such as fraud, treasury management services, trust, lending and IT, it can present challenges for the BSA officer who is charged with overall responsibility for managing the BSA Program. This session focuses on how to build bridges and ensure oversight and accountability for BSA compliance throughout the organization.

    Insider Red Flags and Investigations
    The delicate nature of investigating and reporting upon suspicious activity involving an insider requires careful, strategic action to avoid missteps that can lead to accusations of employer misconduct, harm to customers and substantial reputation and financial consequences.

    The Latest Trends in Financial Crime
    To spot suspicious activity, you must be familiar with the hallmarks of ever-evolving criminal activities. This session rounds up the details on the latest schemes and scams to equip you to engage in early detection.

    Disguising What They Do
    News flash! Customers aren't always honest about the business they're in. In fact, some can go to great lengths to disguise the true nature of what they do. We'll examine strategies for seeing through their masquerades so you can make an informed "to bank or not to bank" decision.

    BSA Pepper
    In this lightning round, we cover a wide range of key topics that don't individually require a lot of time, but are nonetheless important.

    BSA and New Financial Services
    Person-to-Person payment systems are becoming ever more popular. Anything you need to know from a BSA perspective? What about unusual check cashing businesses? All the different varieties of cryptocurrency? AML issues with remote deposit capture? Prepaid accounts? We'll review special considerations for each.

    Magic Words and Your SARs
    A quick but thorough review of all the instances where you are to use specific keywords in your narratives, complete with our Quick Reminder Chart.

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