BOL Conferences Announces TWO Regulatory Compliance Conferences Operations Compliance Triage - Sept 23- 24, 2020 Lendiing Compliance Triage - Nov 4-5, 2020

We've made some improvements!
We are excited about the upgrades and enhancements we've made. We have been working hard to be able to provide the best possible streaming experience. You will have more flexibility on where and when to participate, more time to review, an improved interface, and the chance to get a discount.

Can you explain logins?
In the past we restricted those who viewed the conference to using a single machine or IP address. In fact, part of the setup process was to register that specific machine for the conference. We know that in many cases there were several people who needed to participate and this single IP address became a source of frustration. To address this issue, and to allow social distancing, all early bird registrations will receive up to five (5) logins and each login is assigned to a registered user.

What is a registered user?
When you register for the conference, you become a registered user. This entitles you to a login which can be used to view the conference on any machine, anywhere. It also entitles you a certificate of completion including continuing education hours. If you register prior to the early bird deadline, you also get up to four (4) additional logins that can be assigned to up to four (4) additional employees at your institution. Each of them becomes a registered user and will receive a certificate after attending the conference.

What if we need to train additional staff?
In addition to the login(s) that are included in the early-bird registration, for a modest fee, additional logins can be purchased.

Can we submit questions prior to the conference?
Yes! Your evaluations, questions, requests, and comments help shape the conference and we know that getting your questions answered is one of the main benefits. If you have questions before the conference begins, we encourage you to get those to us so that we can either incorporate them into our program or have answers ready during one of our special Q&A sessions.

What if we have questions during the conference?
At any point during the event, you will be able to submit questions - as many as you would like. We will compile them and the speakers will address them during special Q&A sessions each day.

What if I can't attend for the entire day or I need to miss a session?
Not a problem at all. Every session, including the Q&A segments, will be archived and available to view at your convenience.

How long will the archive be available?
The archive and registered logins will be available for 90 days.

How do I get the discount?
If your institution registers for both the Operations and the Lending Conference, you will save $395! That's more than 15% of the combined registration cost.

Can I get the discount if I've already signed up for one of the conferences?
Yes! When you first register for either conference, you will receive a discount code that you can use. When you are registering for the second conference, you will be able to enter the discount code and the discount will automatically applied.

If our institution attends both conferences, can we have different employees attend each event?
Yes! All the registered attendees must be working for the same institution, but the same person does not need to attend both conferences. Even better, if you sign up before the early bird deadline, you will have up to five (5) logins for EACH event and the registered attendee assigned to each login will receive a certificate of completion.

When do the conferences start and finish? Both conferences will follow the following schedule:

10:00am - 6:00pm Eastern Time
  9:00am - 5:00pm Central Time
  8:00am - 4:00pm Mountain Time
  7:00am - 3:00pm Pacific Time

Remember, a full archive of all the sessions will be available if you are unable to attend during these specific hours.

Have questions we didn't answer here? Email us. We're happy to help!

Don't delay, your institution can SAVE 15% by attending both.


Join us for either
Operations Compliance Triage or Lending ComplianceTriage
or participate in BOTH!

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