BOL Conferences
2020 Operations Compliance Triage Conference
September 23 - 24, 2020

Bank Operations Compliance Triage Conference
Keeping operations current and compliant.

At BOL Conferences, we are always on the lookout for ways to help bankers cope in an ever-changing environment. What we have experienced during the last several months certainly qualifies!

Now, with the added challenge of operating in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we find ourselves in a unique position. With the wealth of knowledge accumulated at BankersOnline combined with access to the industry's most experienced gurus, we stand ready to help you with the targeted strategies, guidance, and solutions that will allow you to navigate in these fast-moving times.

Even prior to the recent health crisis, we were monitoring many developments affecting operations. From the entire alphabet soup of regulations (Reg E, CC, DD, and on and on) to implementing new rules (like those impacting RMDs, CTRs, and NRA interest reporting) to account issues (from opening online accounts to deceased accounts) our team of bankers and industry experts has been digesting all the changes and developed an information-packed program filled with strategies, guidance, and practical tips that will help with the nuts-and-bolts work you are responsible for each day. We've seen a lot of changes - and we have you covered.

We are excited to add the bank Operations Compliance Conference to our conference lineup and we commit to keeping you and your operations team up-to-date and in compliance during these changing times.

Join us in September for our Operations Compliance Triage Conference!

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